069. The Legend of Porpoises Mahakam - Legenda Pesut Mahakam - Kalimantan

In ancient times in the Mahakam shoreline, there is a village inhabited by several families. Their livelihood mostly as farmers and fishermen. Each year after the harvest, the villagers held a traditional feast usually filled with a wide variety of performances and artistic dexterity.

Amid the people who live in the village, there is a family living in harmony and peace in a simple hut. They consist of a pair of husband and wife and their two sons and a daughter. Their basic needs are not too difficult to meet because they have a garden planted with various kinds of fruits and vegetables. So did all sorts of difficulties can be overcome in a prudent manner, and they lived happily for many years.

At one point, the mother was stricken by an illness. Although several people have been treated by the physician, but the sick mother did not go away until he died. After the death of the mother, family life began again neglected. They dissolve in deep sorrow because of the loss which they loved. The father became withdrawn and moody, while her children are always filled with a sense of confusion, not knowing what to do. The state of the house and gardens are now no longer maintained. Some village elders have tried to advise the father that does not dissolve in grief, but their advice can not make a difference to him. This situation lasts long enough.

A day in the village re-held traditional harvest festival. Various performances and entertainment held back. In a stunt, there exists a beautiful and charming girl that always gets rave youth hamlet when he acted. Hearing such news, it also touched the hearts of the fathers to also see how the greatness of the show that was so highly praised by many young villager who made crazy.

That night was the seventh night of the event, held the crowds. Slowly his father walked over to the gig where she'll play. Accidentally he stood in front of in order to clearly see the game as well as the girl's face. Finally the show began. Unlike the rest of the crowd, the father was not much laughing or praising the girl's appearance. Yet once in a while there is also the father smiled a little. The girl threw a cheery smile to the audience and praised the teasing. One time, finally met nevertheless views between the girl and the father said. This incident was repeated several times, and is not expected at all would love that existed between the girls with the father of two children.

Such circumstances, the consent of both parties and the blessing of the elders then held marriage between them after the traditional feast in the village over. And the ending is too gloom family, now they began to construct a new life. They began working on the activities that they previously did not try again. The father returned diligent farming with the help of her children, while her stepmother stayed at home preparing food for the family. So it went on for months until their lives brightened up.

In that case, is not expected at all apparently new mothers over time have properties that are less well against two stepsons. The two children were recently fed after any leftovers from his father. The father can only tolerate his wife's actions, can not do anything about it because she loved her. Finally, all households are organized and in the hands of the young wife who is greedy. The two men told his stepson worked hard every day tirelessly and even told to do things that are beyond their capabilities.

At one point, her stepmother had made an evil plan. He sent two stepsons to look for firewood in the forest.

"Both of you today have to search for firewood anymore!" Command of the mother, "There should be three times more than what you earn today. And remember! Do not leave before the wood much collected. Got it?"

"But, Mom ..." said her son, "Why so much wood ...? Wood that there are still quite a lot. Later when it is low, then we look for it again ..."

"What! You have to argue huh?! Later I tell to your father that you slackers! Come on, leave right now! "Said the stepmother angrily.

Stepsons were women then pulled her brother to leave immediately. She knew that her father had influenced her stepmother, so futile to argue as to blame nevertheless remain.

After bringing some supplies, they set out into the forest. Until dusk approached, insufficient wood collected as requested their stepmother. They should be compelled to spend the night in an abandoned cabin in the woods someone to continue with their work the next day. Almost midnight before they can sleep while hungry stomach is still twisted them.

The next morning, they began to gather as much wood. Shortly before noon, hunger was unbearable, they finally lay on the ground for a few moments. And without knowing, an old man came up to them.

"What are you doing here, child?" Asked the old man to them. Both of these unfortunate children and tell them everything, including their stepmother behavior and circumstances that have not eaten rice since yesterday until it was no longer able to continue the work.

"Well ..., you go that way." Said the old man, pointing to hedge shrub, "There, there are many fruit trees. Eat your heart's content until you are full. But remember, do not be searched again the next day because it will be in vain. Go now!"

As I say thank you, both sisters are rushing to get to the place in question. It was true what my grandfather said before, there are many various kinds of fruit trees. Fruit durian, jackfruit, mango and papaya that has been cooked seemed scattered on the ground. Fruits such as bananas, rambutan and coconut ivory seen hanging on the tree. They then eat the fruits to fullness and body feel fresh again. After resting for a while, they can return to continue the work of gathering the wood to match the requested his stepmother.

By late afternoon, little by little wooden polynomial was successfully repaid all of them to the house. They then arrange for the wood regardless of the home. Once completed, then they got into the house to report to their stepmother, but was surprised when they saw the house that had been empty.

Apparently their father and stepmother had left the house. The entire property has been in the house and brought out, this means they are gone and will not return to the house. Both brothers were poor then good cry. Hearing the cries of the two, coming surrounding neighbors to find out what was happening. They were shocked to learn that both the father and stepmother of the children had been moved secretly.

The next day, two children are determined to find her parents. They announce their plan to the nearest neighbors. Some neighbors were sorry then swap firewood with food supplies for our second child. Towards the middle of the day, leave them looking their father and stepmother.

It has been two days running but they have not found their parents, while food supplies have run out. On the third day, they arrived in a hilly area and appeared by their smoke billowed in the distance. They immediately headed toward the place just ask the residents probably know or see their parents.

They eventually find a cabin that was decrepit. Seemed an old man was sitting in front of the cabin. Two sisters and a salute to the old man and saluted.

"Where are you guys? What do you mean to come to my place is far flung, "asked his grandfather, with occasional minor cough.

"Sorry, Tok." Said the boy, "We're looking for our parents. Did Datok never seen a man and a young woman through here?"

The old man paused with a furrowed brow, it seems he is trying hard to remember something.

"Hmmm ..., a few days ago there was a husband and wife who come here." Said the old man then, "They carry a lot of stuff. Are they looking for you guys?"

"No doubt, Tok." The boy said excitedly, "They're certainly our parents! Which direction they are going, Tok?"

"At that time they borrowed boat to cross the river. They say that they want to settle there and across the cottage and want to make a new plantation. Try your search on other side."

"Thank you, Tok ..." said the elder son, "But ..., can Datok drove us across the river?"

"Datok old ... where the strength to row the boat!" The old man said with a chuckle, "If you want to catch them, use the existing boat alone on the edge of the river."

Brothers had ventured to bring the boat the old man. They promised to return the boat if it has managed to find their parents. After saying thank you, they then climbed into the boat and headed across paddle. Both forgot the hunger that twisted their stomachs because of his joy after learning their parents' presence.

Finally they reached the other side and the boat moored in a creek. After two days running on an empty stomach, then they see the end of a village that rarely populated. It could be seen by those who seem to a newly built cottage. Slowly they approached the cabin. With feelings of anxiety and doubt the brother up the stairs and calling the inhabitants, while the younger one walked around the cabin until he found a clothes horse in the back of the cottage.

He remembered his father's clothes ever since torn related be sewn thorns, after he approached then rest assured that it was indeed his shirt. Immediately he ran to his brother while showing clothes he found his father in the back. Without another thought they had entered the cottage and found the cabin was filled with stuff of their father.

Apparently their parents in a hurry to go, so that in the kitchen there is a pot placed on the fire that is still burning. Inside the pot is no rice has become porridge. Hunger, the brother finally devour the hot rice porridge is a good snooze. New brother into the kitchen after being surprised at what his sister was doing, he immediately grabbed the pot that it is low it is. Because fear not miss, he immediately devoured rice porridge at once with the pot.

Because they eat porridge is still hot so their body temperature had to be increased infinitely. In an ungodly way, they ran to and fro about to find the river. Each banana tree they encountered on either side of the road to the river, so that in turn they hug the banana tree withered. Once they arrived at the river bank, they immediately jump into it.

Almost at the same time, residents of the cottage which was indeed the children of poor parents were astonished to see a lot of banana trees around the cottage they become wilted and charred. But they were very surprised when the lodge and encounter these into a bundle and two saber belonging to her two children. The wife continued to examine the contents of the cottage up to the kitchen, and he did not find another pot that had been left behind. She then reported it to her husband. They then rushed down from the cottage and follow the road to the river on either side there are many banana trees have withered and charred.

Arriving at the edge of the river, visible by those two creatures move around in the water while the water spouting from his head. Mind the husband remembered the series of events that may very well be something to do with the family. He was shocked because suddenly she had no side. Apparently he disappeared mysteriously. Now the husband realized that she was not human offspring. Since their marriage, the wife was never going to tell their origin.

Not long ago, villagers flocked to the river to watch the weirdness that just happened. Two fish whose head is similar to a human head was moving to and fro in the middle of the river, occasionally come to the surface and spouting water from his head. People who were in the water bursts predicted that these creatures so that heat can cause the baby fish die if exposed to the eruption. By the Kutai, fish spraying water fish called tidal or porpoises. While communities in the interior of Mahakam the fish named Bawoi..

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Pada jaman dahulu kala di rantau Mahakam, terdapat sebuah dusun yang didiami oleh beberapa keluarga. Mata pencaharian mereka kebanyakan adalah sebagai petani maupun nelayan. Setiap tahun setelah musim panen, penduduk dusun tersebut biasanya mengadakan pesta adat yang diisi dengan beraneka macam pertunjukan ketangkasan dan kesenian.

Ditengah masyarakat yang tinggal di dusun tersebut, terdapat suatu keluarga yang hidup rukun dan damai dalam sebuah pondok yang sederhana. Mereka terdiri dari sepasang suami-istri dan dua orang putra dan putri. Kebutuhan hidup mereka tidak terlalu sukar untuk dipenuhi karena mereka memiliki kebun yang ditanami berbagai jenis buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran. Begitu pula segala macam kesulitan dapat diatasi dengan cara yang bijaksana, sehingga mereka hidup dengan bahagia selama bertahun-tahun. 

Pada suatu ketika, sang ibu terserang oleh suatu penyakit. Walau telah diobati oleh beberapa orang tabib, namun sakit sang ibu tak kunjung sembuh pula hingga akhirnya ia meninggal dunia. Sepeninggal sang ibu, kehidupan keluarga ini mulai tak terurus lagi. Mereka larut dalam kesedihan yang mendalam karena kehilangan orang yang sangat mereka cintai. Sang ayah menjadi pendiam dan pemurung, sementara kedua anaknya selalu diliputi rasa bingung, tak tahu apa yang mesti dilakukan. Keadaan rumah dan kebun mereka kini sudah tak terawat lagi. Beberapa sesepuh desa telah mencoba menasehati sang ayah agar tidak larut dalam kesedihan, namun nasehat-nasehat mereka tak dapat memberikan perubahan padanya. Keadaan ini berlangsung cukup lama.

Suatu hari di dusun tersebut kembali diadakan pesta adat panen. Berbagai pertunjukan dan hiburan kembali digelar. Dalam suatu pertunjukan ketangkasan, terdapatlah seorang gadis yang cantik dan mempesona sehingga selalu mendapat sambutan pemuda-pemuda dusun tersebut bila ia beraksi. Mendengar berita yang demikian itu, tergugah juga hati sang ayah untuk turut menyaksikan bagaimana kehebatan pertunjukan yang begitu dipuji-puji penduduk dusun hingga banyak pemuda yang tergila-gila dibuatnya. 

Malam itu adalah malam ketujuh dari acara keramaian yang dilangsungkan. Perlahan-lahan sang ayah berjalan mendekati tempat pertunjukan dimana gadis itu akan bermain. Sengaja ia berdiri di depan agar dapat dengan jelas menyaksikan permainan serta wajah sang gadis. Akhirnya pertunjukan pun dimulai. Berbeda dengan penonton lainnya, sang ayah tidak banyak tertawa geli atau memuji-muji penampilan sang gadis. Walau demikian sekali-sekali ada juga sang ayah tersenyum kecil.

Sang gadis melemparkan senyum manisnya kepada para penonton yang memujinya maupun yang menggodanya. Suatu saat, akhirnya bertemu jua pandangan antara si gadis dan sang ayah tadi. Kejadian ini berulang beberapa kali, dan tidaklah diperkirakan sama sekali kiranya bahwa terjalin rasa cinta antara sang gadis dengan sang ayah dari dua orang anak tersebut.

Demikianlah keadaannya, atas persetujuan kedua belah pihak dan restu dari para sesepuh maka dilangsungkanlah pernikahan antara mereka setelah pesta adat di dusun tersebut usai. Dan berakhir pula lah kemuraman keluarga tersebut, kini mulailah mereka menyusun hidup baru. Mereka mulai mengerjakan kegiatan-kegiatan yang dahulunya tidak mereka usahakan lagi. Sang ayah kembali rajin berladang dengan dibantu kedua anaknya, sementara sang ibu tiri tinggal di rumah menyiapkan makanan bagi mereka sekeluarga. Begitulah seterusnya sampai berbulan-bulan lamanya hingga kehidupan mereka cerah kembali. 

Dalam keadaan yang demikian, tidak lah diduga sama sekali ternyata sang ibu baru tersebut lama kelamaan memiliki sifat yang kurang baik terhadap kedua anak tirinya. Kedua anak itu baru diberi makan setelah ada sisa makanan dari ayahnya. Sang ayah hanya dapat memaklumi perbuatan istrinya itu, tak dapat berbuat apa-apa karena dia sangat mencintainya. Akhirnya, seluruh rumah tangga diatur dan berada ditangan sang istri muda yang serakah tersebut. Kedua orang anak tirinya disuruh bekerja keras setiap hari tanpa mengenal lelah dan bahkan disuruh mengerjakan hal-hal yang diluar kemampuan mereka.

Pada suatu ketika, sang ibu tiri telah membuat suatu rencana jahat. Ia menyuruh kedua anak tirinya untuk mencari kayu bakar di hutan.
“Kalian berdua hari ini harus mencari kayu bakar lagi!” perintah sang ibu, “Jumlahnya harus tiga kali lebih banyak dari yang kalian peroleh kemarin. Dan ingat! Jangan pulang sebelum kayunya banyak dikumpulkan. Mengerti?!"

“Tapi, Bu…” jawab anak lelakinya, “Untuk apa kayu sebanyak itu…? Kayu yang ada saja masih cukup banyak. Nanti kalau sudah hampir habis, barulah kami mencarinya lagi…”
“Apa?! Kalian sudah berani membantah ya?! Nanti kulaporkan ke ayahmu bahwa kalian pemalas! Ayo, berangkat sekarang juga!!” kata si ibu tiri dengan marahnya.
Anak tirinya yang perempuan kemudian menarik tangan kakaknya untuk segera pergi. Ia tahu bahwa ayahnya telah dipengaruhi sang ibu tiri, jadi sia-sia saja untuk membantah karena tetap akan dipersalahkan jua.

Setelah membawa beberapa perlengkapan, berangkatlah mereka menuju hutan. Hingga senja menjelang, kayu yang dikumpulkan belum mencukupi seperti yang diminta ibu tiri mereka. Terpaksalah mereka harus bermalam di hutan dalam sebuah bekas pondok seseorang agar dapat meneruskan pekerjaan mereka esok harinya. Hampir tengah malam barulah mereka dapat terlelap walau rasa lapar masih membelit perut mereka.

Esok paginya, mereka pun mulai mengumpulkan kayu sebanyak-banyaknya. Menjelang tengah hari, rasa lapar pun tak tertahankan lagi, akhirnya mereka tergeletak di tanah selama beberapa saat. Dan tanpa mereka ketahui, seorang kakek tua datang menghampiri mereka.

“Apa yang kalian lakukan disini, anak-anak?!” tanya kakek itu kepada mereka.
Kedua anak yang malang tersebut lalu menceritakan semuanya, termasuk tingkah ibu tiri mereka dan keadaan mereka yang belum makan nasi sejak kemarin hingga rasanya tak sanggup lagi untuk meneruskan pekerjaan.

"Kalau begitu…, pergilah kalian ke arah sana.” kata si kakek sambil menunjuk ke arah rimbunan belukar, “Disitu banyak terdapat pohon buah-buahan. Makanlah sepuas-puasnya sampai kenyang. Tapi ingat, janganlah dicari lagi esok harinya karena akan sia-sia saja. Pergilah sekarang juga!"

Sambil mengucapkan terima kasih, kedua kakak beradik tersebut bergegas menuju ke tempat yang dimaksud. Ternyata benar apa yang diucapkan kakek tadi, disana banyak terdapat beraneka macam pohon buah-buahan. Buah durian, nangka, cempedak wangi, mangga dan pepaya yang telah masak tampak berserakan di tanah. Buah-buahan lain seperti pisang, rambutan dan kelapa gading nampak bergantungan di pohonnya. Mereka kemudian memakan buah-buahan tersebut hingga kenyang dan badan terasa segar kembali. Setelah beristirahat beberapa saat, mereka dapat kembali melanjutkan pekerjaan mengumpulkan kayu hingga sesuai dengan yang diminta sang ibu tiri.

Menjelang sore, sedikit demi sedikit kayu yang jumlahnya banyak itu berhasil diangsur semuanya ke rumah. Mereka kemudian menyusun kayu-kayu tersebut tanpa memperhatikan keadaan rumah. Setelah tuntas, barulah mereka naik ke rumah untuk melapor kepada sang ibu tiri, namun alangkah terkejutnya mereka ketika melihat isi rumah yang telah kosong melompong.

Ternyata ayah dan ibu tiri mereka telah pergi meninggalkan rumah itu. Seluruh harta benda didalam rumah tersebut telah habis dibawa serta, ini berarti mereka pergi dan tak akan kembali lagi ke rumah itu. Kedua kakak beradik yang malang itu kemudian menangis sejadi-jadinya. Mendengar tangisan keduanya, berdatanganlah tetangga sekitarnya untuk mengetahui apa gerangan yang terjadi. Mereka terkejut setelah mengetahui bahwa kedua ayah dan ibu tiri anak-anak tersebut telah pindah secara diam-diam.

Esok harinya, kedua anak tersebut bersikeras untuk mencari orangtuanya. Mereka memberitahukan rencana tersebut kepada tetangga terdekat. Beberapa tetangga yang iba kemudian menukar kayu bakar dengan bekal bahan makanan bagi perjalanan kedua anak itu. Menjelang tengah hari, berangkatlah keduanya mencari ayah dan ibu tiri mereka.

Telah dua hari mereka berjalan namun orangtua mereka belum juga dijumpai, sementara perbekalan makanan sudah habis. Pada hari yang ketiga, sampailah mereka di suatu daerah yang berbukit dan tampaklah oleh mereka asap api mengepul di kejauhan. Mereka segera menuju ke arah tempat itu sekedar bertanya kepada penghuninya barangkali mengetahui atau melihat kedua orangtua mereka.

Mereka akhirnya menjumpai sebuah pondok yang sudah reot. Tampak seorang kakek tua sedang duduk-duduk didepan pondok tersebut. Kedua kakak beradik itu lalu memberi hormat kepada sang kakek tua dan memberi salam.

"Dari mana kalian ini? Apa maksud kalian hingga datang ke tempat saya yang jauh terpencil ini?” tanya sang kakek sambil sesekali terbatuk-batuk kecil.
"Maaf, Tok.” kata si anak lelaki, “Kami ini sedang mencari kedua orangtua kami. Apakah Datok pernah melihat seorang laki-laki dan seorang perempuan yang masih muda lewat disini?"

Sang kakek terdiam sebentar sambil mengernyitkan keningnya, tampaknya ia sedang berusaha keras untuk mengingat-ingat sesuatu.

"Hmmm…, beberapa hari yang lalu memang ada sepasang suami-istri yang datang kesini.” kata si kakek kemudian, “Mereka banyak sekali membawa barang. Apakah mereka itu yang kalian cari?"

"Tak salah lagi, Tok.” kata anak lelaki itu dengan gembira, “Mereka pasti orangtua kami! Ke arah mana mereka pergi, Tok?"

"Waktu itu mereka meminjam perahuku untuk menyeberangi sungai. Mereka bilang, mereka ingin menetap diseberang sana dan hendak membuat sebuah pondok dan perkebunan baru. Cobalah kalian cari di seberang sana."

"Terima kasih, Tok…” kata si anak sulung tersebut, “Tapi…, bisakah Datok mengantarkan kami ke seberang sungai?"

"Datok sudah tua… mana kuat lagi untuk mendayung perahu!” kata si kakek sambil terkekeh, “Kalau kalian ingin menyusul mereka, pakai sajalah perahuku yang ada ditepi sungai itu.:

Kakak beradik itu pun memberanikan diri untuk membawa perahu si kakek. Mereka berjanji akan mengembalikan perahu tersebut jika telah berhasil menemukan kedua orangtua mereka. Setelah mengucapkan terima kasih, mereka lalu menaiki perahu dan mendayungnya menuju ke seberang. Keduanya lupa akan rasa lapar yang membelit perut mereka karena rasa gembira setelah mengetahui keberadaan orangtua mereka.

Akhirnya mereka sampai di seberang dan menambatkan perahu tersebut dalam sebuah anak sungai. Setelah dua hari lamanya berjalan dengan perut kosong, barulah mereka menemui ujung sebuah dusun yang jarang sekali penduduknya. Tampaklah oleh mereka sebuah pondok yang kelihatannya baru dibangun. Perlahan-lahan mereka mendekati pondok itu.

Dengan perasaan cemas dan ragu si kakak menaiki tangga dan memanggil-manggil penghuninya, sementara si adik berjalan mengitari pondok hingga ia menemukan jemuran pakaian yang ada di belakang pondok. Ia pun teringat pada baju ayahnya yang pernah dijahitnya karena sobek terkait duri, setelah didekatinya maka yakinlah ia bahwa itu memang baju ayahnya. Segera ia berlari menghampiri kakaknya sambil menunjukkan baju sang ayah yang ditemukannya di belakang. Tanpa pikir panjang lagi mereka pun memasuki pondok dan ternyata pondok tersebut memang berisi barang-barang milik ayah mereka.

Rupanya orangtua mereka terburu-buru pergi, sehingga di dapur masih ada periuk yang diletakkan diatas api yang masih menyala. Didalam periuk tersebut ada nasi yang telah menjadi bubur. Karena lapar, si kakak akhirnya melahap nasi bubur yang masih panas tersebut sepuas-puasnya. Adiknya yang baru menyusul ke dapur menjadi terkejut melihat apa yang sedang dikerjakan kakaknya, segera ia menyambar periuk yang isinya tinggal sedikit itu. Karena takut tidak kebagian, ia langsung melahap nasi bubur tersebut sekaligus dengan periuknya.

Karena bubur yang dimakan tersebut masih panas maka suhu badan mereka pun menjadi naik tak terhingga. Dalam keadaan tak karuan demikian, keduanya berlari kesana kemari hendak mencari sungai. Setiap pohon pisang yang mereka temui di kiri-kanan jalan menuju sungai, secara bergantian mereka peluk sehingga pohon pisang tersebut menjadi layu. Begitu mereka tiba di tepi sungai, segeralah mereka terjun ke dalamnya. Hampir bersamaan dengan itu, penghuni pondok yang memang benar adalah orangtua kedua anak yang malang itu terheran-heran ketika melihat banyak pohon pisang di sekitar pondok mereka menjadi layu dan hangus.

Namun mereka sangat terkejut ketika masuk kedalam pondok dan mejumpai sebuah bungkusan dan dua buah mandau kepunyaan kedua anaknya. Sang istri terus memeriksa isi pondok hingga ke dapur, dan dia tak menemukan lagi periuk yang tadi ditinggalkannya. Ia kemudian melaporkan hal itu kepada suaminya. Mereka kemudian bergegas turun dari pondok dan mengikuti jalan menuju sungai yang di kiri-kanannya banyak terdapat pohon pisang yang telah layu dan hangus.

Sesampainya di tepi sungai, terlihatlah oleh mereka dua makhluk yang bergerak kesana kemari didalam air sambil menyemburkan air dari kepalanya. Pikiran sang suami teringat pada rentetan kejadian yang mungkin sekali ada hubungannya dengan keluarga. Ia terperanjat karena tiba-tiba istrinya sudah tidak ada disampingnya. Rupanya ia menghilang secara gaib. Kini sadarlah sang suami bahwa istrinya bukanlah keturunan manusia biasa. Semenjak perkawinan mereka, sang istri memang tidak pernah mau menceritakan asal usulnya.

Tak lama berselang, penduduk desa datang berbondong-bondong ke tepi sungai untuk menyaksikan keanehan yang baru saja terjadi. Dua ekor ikan yang kepalanya mirip dengan kepala manusia sedang bergerak kesana kemari ditengah sungai sambil sekali-sekali muncul di permukaan dan menyemburkan air dari kepalanya. Masyarakat yang berada di tempat itu memperkirakan bahwa air semburan kedua makhluk tersebut panas sehingga dapat menyebabkan ikan-ikan kecil mati jika terkena semburannya. Oleh masyarakat Kutai, ikan yang menyembur-nyemburkan air itu dinamakan ikan Pasut atau Pesut. Sementara masyarakat di pedalaman Mahakam menamakannya ikan Bawoi.

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