106. Semangka Emas - Sambas, Kalimantan Barat

Once, in the days of yore, in Sambas, West Kalimantan, there lived a wealthy merchant. The merchant had two sons. Muzakir named his eldest son, and the youngest named Dermawan. However, both have properties and behavior are very different.

Muzakir very greedy and miserly. Every day they work just collecting money. He never gave alms to the poor. Instead, Dermawan very caring and always give alms to the poor. He is not greedy with their wealth and money.

Before death, merchants divide his property equally to his two children. He intends that his children did not argue and mutual envy, especially if he had died later.

Once the property is divided, Muzakir and Dermawan living separately in their homes. Muzakir living in a luxury home, as well as Dermawan. Money section Muzakir put in the crate, then he locks. When a poor man came to his house, he instead gave alms, but a taunting laugh. Even he did not hesitate to throw if the poor did not want to leave his home.

One day, an old woman dressed in rags stagger Muzakir come to the house. In front of the house of Muzakir, the old woman begging for mercy.

"Sir, have mercy grandmother. Give me alms! "At the sound of the old woman, Muzakir out of the house and laughed at the old woman.

"Ha ha ha .... Hi grandma ugly, go you out of here! I'm sick of seeing your face wrinkled!"

"Although shouted, the old woman did not want to leave. She also continued to Muzakir pleaded.

"But sir, I had two days of not eating, have mercy me."

Seeing old woman did not want to go, Muzakir sent his servant to go away. Finally, the poor old woman went away without receiving anything except humiliation. The poor people who already know a stingy Muzakir properties, including the old woman said, no longer wants to Muzakir home. They then flock to the Dermawan.

Unlike Muzakir nature, Dermawan always welcomes poor people are happy and friendly. He's serving they eat and given the money because he felt pity to see them live poor and destitute. Almost every day the poor people came to his house. Eventually possessions and money Philanthropy runs out, so he could no longer cover the cost of maintaining a large home. Eventually, he moved to a smaller house, and find a job to pay for his life.

His salary is not much, just enough to eat alone. Even so, he remains grateful to the circumstances of his life. Muzakir guffaw heard Dermawan who thinks it's stupid.

"That's what always serve the poor. Surely you also poor, the Dermawan base was just stupid, "muttered the Muzakir. In fact, Muzakir feel proud of being able to buy a nicer house and a vast coconut grove. But Dermawan ignored his brother's behavior.

One day Dermawan releasing tired sitting in his yard. Suddenly a sparrow fell down before him. The bird squeaking in pain, "Poor thing," said Dermawan.

"Broken wing, huh?" Further Dermawan with sparrows speak it. He caught the bird and inspected its wings. Sure enough, the bird's wing was broken.

"Let me treat you," he said. After last assistance were wrapped bird wings slowly. Then took the rice. Sparrows were given the meal. The bird became tame and not afraid of him. A few days later, the bird was flapping its wings can, and he finally flew.

The next day it was back visiting sparrows Dermawan. There is a seed in its beak, and laid it in front of DermawanDermawan smile to see it. Seeds were normal seeds. Although just plain seeds, delighted his heart received a gift bird.

Seeds were planted in his backyard. Three days later, that seed grew. It turns out, is a tree that grows watermelons. The plant is well maintained by him so as to flourish. Dermawan Initially thought to be much fruit, because a lot of interest.

"If the flowers are all a fruit, I definitely full to eat watermelon and I can partly alms to the poor," said the Dermawan heart to hope. But oddly, after several weeks of watermelon that he maintained well, but among the many flowers that only one is a fruit. Although only one, the melon is increasingly large, much bigger than a watermelon general.

Dermawan tempted to see the big watermelon. "It's looks very delicious watermelon. Mmm .... fragrant odors, "said Dermawan after kissing melon.

A few days later, it was time for the watermelon was harvested. Dermawan fruit picking.

"Well..., not playing weight of watermelon this," muttered Dermawan panted lifted melon. Then he brought the melon into the house and laid him on the table. Then be split with a knife. After the split watermelon, how shocked Dermawan.

"Wow, what did it matter?" Dermawan asked curiously. He saw it was filled with sand yellow watermelons piled on the table. He thought just plain sand. Having noticed in earnest, it turns out that the sand is pure gold dust. Dermawan also danced for joy. He did not realize that from the outside there is a bird house noticed acting. After the bird squeaked, before she realized. Apparently, the bird is a sparrow that had he helps.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Dermawan exclaimed happily. The bird was then flown without return.

The next day, Dermawan buy a nice house with a yard broad. All the poor people who come to his house gave the meal. Although every day and every time the poor people came to her house, he will not become poor as before. The money so much and their garden overflow.

A spread news around the village that the Dermawan is not poor anymore. One day, news of the success of Dermawan heard by his brother, Muzakir. Apparently this makes Muzakir envy. He also wanted to know the secret of the success of his brother, so he went to the house of Dermawan. Dermawan told to Muzakir about his story. Knowing this, immediately ordered his slave to people looking for a bird's broken leg or broken wings everywhere.

But until a week, there was a bird they find with such characteristics. Muzakir really angry and unable to sleep. He agonized over how to get a bird's broken wing. The next morning, Muzakir got sense. He instructed his slave to catch birds with clamp (chopsticks). Of course it's a broken wing. Muzakir then pretended sorry for him and bandaged on the wings of the bird. After a few days, the bird was recovered and released to fly.

Soon, the bird was returned to Muzakir to provide a seed. Muzakir really excited. In his heart, he always hoped to quickly become rich.

"I will soon be rich beyond," said Muzakir in his heart. Provision of bird seed planted in the best his garden. Three days later, also grow watermelon trees are lush and leafy. The fruit was just one, it was bigger than Dermawan watermelon.

A few months later, it was time watermelon was harvested. Two Muzakir's servant painstakingly brought into the house because of the weight. Muzakir can not wait to see pure gold dust scattered from the melon. He immediately took a machete. He himself would split melon. Freshly cut melon, perfuse from the fruit of black mud mixed with dirt to face Muzakir. It smells like a rotting carcass. Muzakir clothing and carpet in the room was not spared from the spray of mud and dirt like porridge. Muzakir ran onto the highway while throwing up, because it does not stand the smell of the mud. People who see and smell the rotten guffaw, clapping with riuhnya. Muzakir became very embarrassed ridiculed by those around him.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Alkisah, pada zaman dahulu kala, di Sambas, Kalimantan Barat, hiduplah seorang saudagar yang kaya-raya. Saudagar tersebut mempunyai dua orang anak laki-laki. Anaknya yang sulung bernama Muzakir, dan yang bungsu bernama Dermawan. Namun, keduanya memiliki sifat dan tingkah laku yang sangat berbeda. Muzakir sangat loba dan kikir. Setiap hari kerjanya hanya mengumpulkan uang. Ia tidak pernah memberikan sedekah kepada fakir miskin. Sebaliknya, Derwaman sangat peduli dan selalu bersedekah kepada fakir miskin. Ia tidak rakus dengan harta dan uang.

Sebelum meninggal dunia, saudagar tersebut membagi hartanya sama rata kepada kedua anaknya. Ia bermaksud agar anak-anaknya tidak berbantahan dan saling iri, terutama bila ia telah meninggal kelak.

Setelah harta tersebut dibagi, Muzakir dan Dermawan tinggal terpisah di rumahnya masing-masing. Muzakir tinggal di rumahnya yang mewah, demikian pula Dermawan. Uang bagian Muzakir dimasukkan ke dalam peti, lalu ia kunci. Bila ada orang miskin datang ke rumahnya, ia bukannya memberinya sedekah, melainkan tertawa mengejeknya. Bahkan ia tidak segan-segan mengusirnya jika orang miskin itu tidak mau pergi dari rumahnya.

Suatu hari, seorang perempuan tua dengan pakaian compang-camping berjalan terseok-seok datang menuju rumah Muzakir. Di depan rumah Muzakir, nenek tua itu memohon belas kasihan.

“Tuan, kasihanilah nenek. Berilah nenek sedekah!"

"Mendengar suara nenek itu, Muzakir keluar dari dalam rumahnya dan menertawakan perempuan tua itu.

"Ha ha ha…. Hai nenek jelek, pergi kau dari sini! Aku muak melihat wajahmu yang keriput itu!"

Meskipun dibentak, nenek tua itu tidak mau beranjak. Ia pun terus mengiba kepada Muzakir.

"Tapi tuan, nenek sudah dua hari tidak makan, kasihanilah nenek."

Melihat nenek itu tidak mau pergi, Muzakir menyuruh orang gajiannya untuk mengusirnya. Akhirnya, perempuan tua yang malang itu pun pergi tanpa mendapat apa-apa, kecuali penghinaan. Orang-orang miskin yang sudah mengetahui sifat Muzakir yang kikir itu, termasuk si nenek tua tadi, tidak mau lagi ke rumah Muzakir. Mereka kemudian berduyun-duyun ke rumah Dermawan.

Berbeda dengan sifat Muzakir, Dermawan selalu menyambut orang-orang miskin tersebut dengan senang hati dan ramah. Mereka dijamunya makan dan diberinya uang karena ia merasa iba melihat mereka hidup miskin dan melarat. Hampir setiap hari orang-orang miskin datang ke rumahnya.

Lama-kelamaan harta dan uang Dermawan habis, sehingga ia tidak sanggup lagi menutupi biaya pemeliharaan rumahnya yang besar. Akhirnya, ia pindah ke rumah yang lebih kecil, dan mencari pekerjaan untuk membiayai hidupnya. Gajinya tidak seberapa, sekedar cukup makan saja. Meskipun demikian, ia tetap bersyukur dengan keadaan hidupnya.

Muzakir tertawa terbahak-bahak mendengar berita Dermawan yang dianggapnya bodoh itu.

"Itulah akibatnya selalu melayani orang-orang miskin. Pasti kamu juga ikut miskin, dasar memang tolol si Dermawan itu,” gumam si Muzakir. Bahkan, Muzakir merasa bangga sekali karena bisa membeli rumah yang lebih bagus dan kebun kelapa yang luas. Tetapi Dermawan tidak menghiraukan tingkah laku abangnya itu.

Suatu hari Dermawan duduk-duduk melepaskan lelah di pekarangan rumahnya. Tiba-tiba jatuhlah seekor burung pipit di hadapannya. Burung itu mencicit-cicit kesakitan.

"Kasihan," kata Dermawan. "Sayapmu patah, ya?" lanjut Dermawan berbicara dengan burung pipit itu.

Ditangkapnya burung tersebut, lalu diperiksanya sayapnya. Benar saja, sayap burung itu patah.

"Biar kucoba mengobatimu," katanya.

Setelah diobatinya lalu sayap burung itu dibalutnya perlahan-lahan. Kemudian diambilnya beras. Burung pipit itu diberinya makan. Burung itu pun menjadi jinak dan tidak takut kepadanya. Beberapa hari kemudian, burung itu telah dapat mengibas-ngibaskan sayapnya, dan akhirnya ia pun terbang.

Keesokan harinya burung pipit itu kembali mengunjungi Dermawan. Di paruhnya ada sebutir biji, lalu diletakkannya di depan Dermawan. Dermawan tersenyum melihatnya. Biji itu biji biasa saja. Meskipun hanya biji biasa, senang juga hatinya menerima pemberian burung itu. Biji itu ditanamnya di belakang rumahnya. Tiga hari kemudian tumbuhlah biji itu. Ternyata, yang tumbuh adalah pohon semangka. Tumbuhan itu dipeliharanya baik-baik sehingga tumbuh dengan subur.

Pada mulanya Dermawan menyangka akan banyak buahnya, karena banyak sekali bunganya.

“Kalau bunganya ini semuanya menjadi buah, saya pasti kenyang makan semangka dan sebagiannya bisa saya sedekahkan kepada fakir miskin,” kata Dermawan dalam hati berharap.

Tetapi aneh, setelah beberapa minggu semangka itu ia pelihara dengan baik, namun di antara bunganya yang banyak itu hanya satu yang menjadi buah. Meskipun hanya satu, semangka itu semakin hari semakin besar, jauh lebih besar dari semangka umumnya.

Dermawan tergiur melihat semangka besar itu.

"Kelihatannya sedap sekali semangka ini. Mmm….harum sekali baunya,” ucap Dermawan setelah mencium semangka itu.

Beberapa hari kemudian, tibalah saatnya semangka itu dipanen. Dermawan memetik buah semangka itu.

"Wah…, bukan main beratnya semangka ini,” gumam Dermawan sambil terengah-engah mengangkat semangka itu.

Kemudian ia membawa semangka itu masuk ke dalam rumahnya, dan diletakkannya di atas meja. Lalu dibelahnya dengan pisau. Setelah semangka terbelah, betapa terkejutnya Dermawan.

"Wow, benda apa pula ini?” tanya Dermawan penasaran.

Ia melihat semangka itu berisi pasir kuning yang bertumpuk di atas meja. Disangkanya hanya pasir biasa. Setelah diperhatikannya dengan sungguh-sungguh, ternyata pasir itu adalah emas urai murni. Dermawan pun menari-nari karena girangnya. Ia tidak sadar kalau dari luar rumahnya ada seekor burung memperhatikan tingkahnya. Setelah burung itu mencicit, baru ia tersadar. Ternyata, burung itu adalah burung pipit yang pernah ditolongnya.

"Terima kasih! Terima kasih!" seru Dermawan dengan senangnya. Burung itu pun kemudian terbang tanpa kembali lagi.

Keesokan harinya, Dermawan membeli rumah yang bagus dengan pekarangan yang luas sekali. Semua orang miskin yang datang ke rumahnya diberinya makan. Meskipun setiap hari dan setiap saat orang-orang miskin tersebut datang ke rumahnya, Dermawan tidak akan jatuh miskin seperti dahulu. Uangnya amat banyak dan hasil kebunnya melimpah-ruah.

Tersiarlah kabar di seluruh kampung bahwa Dermawan sudah tidak miskin lagi. Suatu hari, berita keberhasilan Dermawan terdengar oleh abangnya, Muzakir. Rupanya hal ini membuat Muzakir iri hati. Ia pun ingin mengetahui rahasia keberhasilan adiknya, lalu ia pergi ke rumah Dermawan. Di sana Dermawan menceritakan secara jujur kepada Muzakir tentang kisahnya.

Mengetahui hal tersebut, Muzakir langsung memerintahkan orang-orang gajiannya mencari burung yang patah kakinya atau patah sayapnya di mana-mana. Namun sampai satu minggu lamanya, tak seekor burung pun yang mereka temukan dengan ciri-ciri demikian.

Muzakir sungguh marah dan tidak dapat tidur. Ia gelisah memikirkan bagaimana caranya mendapatkan burung yang patah sayapnya.

Keesokan paginya, Muzakir mendapat akal. Diperintahkannya seorang gajiannya untuk menangkap burung dengan apitan (sumpit). Tentu saja sayap burung itu menjadi patah. Muzakir kemudian berpura-pura kasihan melihatnya dan membalut luka pada sayap burung itu. Setelah beberapa hari, burung itu pun sembuh dan dilepaskan terbang.

Tak lama, burung itu kembali kepada Muzakir untuk memberikan sebutir biji. Muzakir sungguh gembira. Dalam hatinya, ia selalu berharap agar cepat menjadi kaya.

“Ah, sebentar lagi saya akan menjadi kaya-raya dan melebihi kekayaan si Dermawan,” kata Muzakir dalam hati tak mau kalah. Biji pemberian burung ditanam Muzakir di tempat yang terbaik di kebunnya. Tiga hari kemudian, tumbuh pula pohon semangka yang subur dan berdaun rimbun. Buahnya pun hanya satu, ukurannya lebih besar dari semangka Dermawan.

Beberapa bulan kemudian, tibalah waktunya semangka itu dipanen. Dua orang gajian Muzakir dengan susah payah membawanya ke dalam rumah karena beratnya. Muzakir sudah tidak sabar lagi ingin melihat emas urai murni berhamburan dari dalam semangka itu. Ia pun segera mengambil parang. Ia sendiri yang akan membelah semangka itu.

Baru saja semangka itu terpotong, menyemburlah dari dalam buah itu lumpur hitam bercampur kotoran ke muka Muzakir. Baunya busuk seperti bangkai. Pakaian Muzakir serta permadani di ruangan itu tidak luput dari siraman lumpur dan kotoran yang seperti bubur itu.

Muzakir berlari ke jalan raya sambil muntah-muntah, karena tidak tahan dengan bau lumpur itu. Orang yang melihatnya dan mencium bau yang busuk itu tertawa terbahak-bahak sambil bertepuk tangan dengan riuhnya. Muzakir menjadi sangat malu ditertawakan oleh orang-orang di sekitarnya.

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