104. Putri Tangguk - Jambi

Once, in the Flower District, Lake District Kerinci Jambi, there was a woman named Princess Tangguk. She lives with her husband and seven children. To meet the needs of her family, she and her husband grow rice in paddies that only the area is small. Although only small, it can produce rice fields very much. After every harvest, the rice plants in the paddy fields and yellow appeared again. Harvested again, up again, and so on. Thanks to the diligent work day and night harvesting rice, the rice granary of seven big ones are almost full.

However, it made her forget busy doing other work. She sometimes forgot to shower so her climb be scraped off with a spoon. He also did not get in touch with neighbors and take care of seven children.

One night, while seven children were asleep, Tangguk daughter said to her husband, who was lying on the bed.

"My husband! I was tired every day harvesting rice. I wanted to take care of the kids and stay in touch to neighbors, because we like isolation, "said Putri Tangguk.

"So, what's your plan, my wife?" Asked him in a low voice.

"Here's my husband! Tomorrow I wanted to meet the seven barns are on the side of the house to supply our needs next few months, "said Putri Tangguk.

"All right then. Tomorrow our children take to the field to help transport the rice to go home, "said her husband.

"Yes, husband!" Said Putri Tangguk.

Moments later, they were fast asleep from exhaustion after working almost day and night. As the night wore on, the rain suddenly came down with rain. The rain only stopped when the day started early. Consequently, all the roads in the village and that leads to a slippery field.

After breakfast, Putri Tangguk with her husband and seven children go into the fields to harvest the rice and take it to the house. On the way to the fields, suddenly Putri Tangguk fell. Her husband running behind right away to help her. Despite already being helped, Putri Tangguk still angry.

"The road cheeky!" Cried Putri Tangguk.

"All right! I harvest the rice I will be here as a substitute scatter sand that is not slippery anymore, "she added.

After harvesting rice that much, almost all of the rice that they bring scattered on the road was so slippery anymore. They just bring home a bit of rice and put it in rice. In accordance with her promise, Putri Tangguk never again harvesting rice in a rice field area small it. Now, she fills her days by weaving cloth. She made clothes for herself, her husband, and for her children. However, busy weaving the cloth again making sure to stay in touch to a neighbor's house and take care of her seven children.

One day, Putri Tangguk preoccupation weave cloth from morning to evening, making sure the rice cooks in the kitchen for her husband and children. Putri Tangguk still busy weaving until late at night. Seven children were all asleep. When finished weaving, Putri Tangguk too, slept beside her children. At midnight, the Youngest woke starvation. She was crying for food. Fortunately Putri Tangguk can persuade her daughter and the child fell asleep again. After a time, the other children awoke in turn, and she managed to persuade her to go back to sleep. However, when the eldest son up and ask for food, she was not persuaded, but scolded her.

"Hey, you would have been great! No need to be serviced like a child. Take the rice in the pan itself. If not, take the rice in a tin and cook. If there is no rice, take rice and mashed own barn, "cried Putri Tangguk to her eldest daughter.

Therefore, starving, Big Sis had to obey her mother's words. However, when it came into the kitchen, she found no pot of rice and rice on the tin.

"Mom! Rice and rice are all gone. Help collision and repulse rice! Asked the elder to her mother.

"What did you say? Rice and rice is up? Maternal recall, there were still leftover cold rice in the pot yesterday. Rice in cans seemed to be available for two cook. There must be a thief who enters our home, "said the Putri Tangguk.

"Well, come on then. Hold it hungrily until tomorrow morning! I pounding and winnowing rice lazy, especially this time of night. 'll Disturb the neighbors, "said Putri Tangguk.

After saying that, Putri Tangguk asleep again from exhaustion after a full day weaving. Big Sis went back to sleep and he had to starve until morning.

The next day, the seventh son waking up in a rumbling stomach. The Youngest crying whining because it was not strong hunger. Similarly, the other six children, all hungry and ask for food. Tangguk daughter immediately told her husband to take the rice barn to ground.

The husband immediately headed to the rice barn next to the house. What a surprise when her husband opened a rice barn, he found an empty barn.

"Hey, where's the rice-paddy?" Muttered the husband.

With a feeling of panic, she was checking out one by one the other rice barns. However, after she opened it all, not even a grain of rice seeds remaining.

"My wife...! Hurry over here! "Cried the husband to call Putri Tangguk.

"What, my husband" asked Putri Tangguk anxiously.

"Look! All of our barns are empty. There must be a thief who took our rice, "said her husband.

Putri Tangguk just gaped in amazement. She seemed to not believe in what you just witnessed.

"Yes, my husband! Last night the thief also took us on a pot of rice and rice in a can, "added Putri Tangguk.

"But, does not matter, my husband! We still have hope. We are not rice paddy barn? "Said Putri Tangguk.

After saying that, Putri Tangguk pulled her hand and ran to the field. Once in the field, it would be Putri Tangguk disappointment, because hopes had vanished.

"My husband! dashed our expectations. Look at our field! Instead of grains, rice stalks were not there. There was only the thick grass cover our fields, "said the Putri Tangguk.

" The husband was not able to do anything about it. He was just stunned amazement watching the strange event. With sadness, Putri Tangguk and her husband returned home. Her legs felt very heavy to move. During the trip, Putri Tangguk trying to contemplate the attitudes and actions during this time.

Before I got home, she remembered the attitude and treatment of the grain to think of it just like sand and scatter on the muddy road that is not slippery.

"Yes ... God! Is that my fault so the curse is come to us? "Lamented Putri Tangguk in her heart.

When she got at home, Putri Tangguk can not do anything about it. The whole body felt weak. Nearly all day he just sat pensive. At night, she dreamed of a bearded old man wearing a long white dress.

"O Putri Tangguk! I know you have a wide field tangguk, but the results were able to fill the bottom of Lake Kerinci up to the sky. But unfortunately, Putri Tangguk! You are a proud and arrogant. You never underestimate the paddy plants with clutter such as sand coating slippery roads.

Know, O Putri Tangguk ...! Among the rice-paddy you go throw there sprig of black rice. She is our queen. If only we treated you like that, it will not be a problem. However, because the queen, we treat you like that, then we are all angry. We will not come up again and growing in your fields. The future of you and your family will suffer. Your sustenance would just like chicken sustenance. The work of a day, enough to eat everyday. You and your family will not eat if it does not work yet. Your life will really like chicken, paw first and eat .... "said the old man in the dream Putri Tangguk.

Putri Tangguk not had time to say anything, the old man had disappeared. She awoke from her sleep when the morning was now. She was very sad to contemplate all of what the old man who came in her dream last night. She will live with her family to misery. She was very sorry for all of her actions were arrogant scatter rice to coat slippery roads. However, what's in a regret. Nor to regret later.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Alkisah, di Negeri Bunga, Kecamatan Danau Krinci Jambi, ada seorang perempuan bernama Putri Tangguk. Ia hidup bersama suami dan tujuh orang anaknya. Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan keluarganya, ia bersama suaminya menanam padi di sawahnya yang hanya seluas tangguk. Meskipun hanya seluas tangguk, sawah itu dapat menghasilkan padi yang sangat banyak. Setiap habis dipanen, tanaman padi di sawahnya muncul lagi dan menguning. Dipanen lagi, muncul lagi, dan begitu seterusnya. Berkat ketekunannya bekerja siang dan malam menuai padi, tujuh lumbung padinya yang besar-besar sudah hampir penuh.

Namun, kesibukan itu membuatnya lupa mengerjakan pekerjaan lain. Ia terkadang lupa mandi sehingga dakinya dapat dikerok dengan sendok. Ia juga tidak sempat bersilaturahmi dengan tetangganya dan mengurus ketujuh orang anaknya.

Pada suatu malam, saat ketujuh anaknya sudah tidur, Putri Tangguk berkata kepada suaminya yang sedang berbaring di atas pembaringan.

"Bang! Adik sudah capek setiap hari menuai padi. Adik ingin mengurus anak-anak dan bersilaturahmi ke tetangga, karena kita seperti terkucil,” ungkap Putri Tangguk kepada suaminya.

"Lalu, apa rencanamu, Dik?” tanya suaminya dengan suara pelan.

"Begini Bang! Besok Adik ingin memenuhi ketujuh lumbung padi yang ada di samping rumah untuk persediaan kebutuhan kita beberapa bulan ke depan,” jawab Putri Tangguk.

"Baiklah kalau begitu. Besok anak-anak kita ajak ke sawah untuk membantu mengangkut padi pulang ke rumah,” jawab suaminya.

"Ya, Bang!” jawab Putri Tangguk.

Beberapa saat kemudian, mereka pun tertidur lelap karena kelelahan setelah bekerja hampir sehari semalam. Ketika malam semakin larut, tiba-tiba hujan turun dengan deras. Hujan itu baru berhenti saat hari mulai pagi. akibatnya, semua jalan yang ada di kampung maupun yang menuju ke sawah menjadi licin.

Usai sarapan, Putri Tangguk bersama suami dan ketujuh anaknya berangkat ke sawah untuk menuai padi dan mengangkutnya ke rumah. Dalam perjalanan menuju ke sawah, tiba-tiba Putri Tangguk terpelesat dan terjatuh. Suaminya yang berjalan di belakangnya segera menolongnya. Walau sudah ditolong, Putri Tangguk tetap marah-marah.

"Jalanan kurang ajar!” hardik Putri Tangguk.

"Baiklah! Padi yang aku tuai nanti akan aku serakkan di sini sebagai pengganti pasir agar tidak licin lagi,” tambahnya.

Setelah menuai padi yang banyak, hampir semua padi yang mereka bawa diserakkan di jalan itu sehingga tidak licin lagi. Mereka hanya membawa pulang sedikit padi dan memasukkannya ke dalam lumbung padi. Sesuai dengan janjinya, Putri Tangguk tidak pernah lagi menuai padi di sawahnya yang seluas tangguk itu. Kini, ia mengisi hari-harinya dengan menenun kain. Ia membuat baju untuk dirinya sendiri, suami, dan untuk anak-anaknya. Akan tetapi, kesibukannya menenun kain tersebut lagi-lagi membuatnya lupa bersilaturahmi ke rumah tetangga dan mengurus ketujuh anaknya.

Pada suatu hari, Putri Tangguk keasyikan menenun kain dari pagi hingga sore hari, sehingga lupa memasak nasi di dapur untuk suami dan anak-anaknya. Putri Tangguk tetap saja asyik menenun sampai larut malam. Ketujuh anaknya pun tertidur semua. Setelah selesai menenun, Putri Tangguk pun ikut tidur di samping anak-anaknya.

Pada saat tengah malam, si Bungsu terbangun karena kelaparan. Ia menangis minta makan. Untungnya Putri Tangguk dapat membujuknya sehingga anak itu tertidur kembali. Selang beberapa waktu, anak-anaknya yang lain pun terbangun secara bergiliran, dan ia berhasil membujuknya untuk kembali tidur. Namun, ketika anaknya yang Sulung bangun dan minta makan, ia bukan membujuknya, melainkan memarahinya.

"Hei, kamu itu sudah besar! Tidak perlu dilayani seperti anak kecil. Ambil sendiri nasi di panci. Kalau tidak ada, ambil beras dalam kaleng dan masak sendiri. Jika tidak ada beras, ambil padi di lumbung dan tumbuk sendiri!” seru Putri Tangguk kepada anak sulungnya.

Oleh karena sudah kelaparan, si Sulung pun menuruti kata-kata ibunya. Namun, ketika masuk ke dapur, ia tidak menemukan nasi di panci maupun beras di kaleng.

"Bu! Nasi dan beras sudah habis semua. Tolonglah tumbukkan dan tampikan padi!” pinta si Sulung kepada ibunya.

"Apa katamu? Nasi dan beras sudah habis? Seingat ibu, masih ada nasi dingin di panci sisa kemarin. Beras di kaleng pun sepertinya masih ada untuk dua kali tanak. Pasti ada pencuri yang memasuki rumah kita,” kata Putri Tangguk.

"Ya, sudahlah kalau begitu. Tahan saja laparnya hingga besok pagi! Ibu malas menumbuk dan menampi beras, apalagi malam-malam begini. Nanti mengganggu tetangga,” ujar Putri Tangguk.

Usai berkata begitu, Putri Tangguk tertidur kembali karena kelelahan setelah menenun seharian penuh. Si Sulung pun kembali tidur dan ia harus menahan lapar hingga pagi hari.

Keesokan harinya, ketujuh anaknya bangun dalam keadaan perut keroncongan. Si Bungsu menangis merengek-rengek karena sudah tidak kuat menahan lapar. Demikian pula, keenam anaknya yang lain, semua kelaparan dan minta makan. Putri Tangguk pun segera menyuruh suaminya mengambil padi di lumbung untuk ditumbuk.

Sang Suami pun segera menuju ke lumbung padi yang berada di samping rumah. Alangkah terkejutnya sang Suami saat membuka salah satu lumbung padinya, ia mendapati lumbungnya kosong.

"Hei, ke mana padi-padi itu?” gumam sang Suami.

Dengan perasaan panik, ia pun memeriksa satu per satu lumbung padinya yang lain. Namun, setelah ia membuka semuanya, tidak sebutir pun biji padi yang tersisa.

"Dik...! Dik...! Cepatlah kemari!” seru sang Suami memanggil Putri Tangguk.

"Ada apa, Bang?” tanya Putri Tangguk dengan perasaan cemas.

"Lihatlah! Semua lumbung padi kita kosong. Pasti ada pencuri yang mengambil padi kita,” jawab sang Suami.

Putri Tangguk hanya ternganga penuh keheranan. Ia seakan-akan tidak percaya pada apa yang baru disaksikannya.

"Benar, Bang! Tadi malam pencuri itu juga mengambil nasi kita di panci dan beras di kaleng,” tambah Putri Tangguk.

"Tapi, tidak apalah, Bang! Kita masih mempunyai harapan. Bukankah sawah kita adalah gudang padi?” kata Putri Tangguk.

Usai berkata begitu, Putri Tangguk langsung menarik tangan suaminya lalu berlari menuju ke sawah. Sesampai di sawah, alangkah kecewanya Putri Tangguk, karena harapannya telah sirna.

"Bang! Pupuslah harapan kita. Lihatlah sawah kita! Jangankan biji padi, batang padi pun tidak ada. Yang ada hanya rumput tebal menutupi sawah kita,” kata Putri Tangguk.

Sang Suami pun tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa. Ia hanya tercengang penuh keheranan menyaksikan peristiwa aneh itu. Dengan perasaan sedih, Putri Tangguk dan suaminya pulang ke rumah. Kakinya terasa sangat berat untuk melangkah. Selama dalam perjalanan, Putri Tangguk mencoba merenungi sikap dan perbuatannya selama ini.

Sebelum sampai di rumah, teringatlah ia pada sikap dan perlakuannya terhadap padi dengan menganggapnya hanya seperti pasir dan menyerakkannya di jalan yang becek agar tidak licin.

"Ya... Tuhan! Itukah kesalahanku sehingga kutukan ini datang kepada kami?” keluh Putri Tangguk dalam hati.

Sesampainya di rumah, Putri Tangguk tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa. Seluruh badannya terasa lemas. Hampir seharian ia hanya duduk termenung. Pada malam harinya, ia bermimpi didatangi oleh seorang lelaki tua berjenggot panjang mengenakan pakaian berwarna putih.

"Wahai Putri Tangguk! Aku tahu kamu mempunyai sawah seluas tangguk, tetapi hasilnya mampu mengisi dasar Danau Kerinci sampai ke langit. Tetapi sayang, Putri Tangguk! Kamu orang yang sombong dan takabur. Kamu pernah meremehkan padi-padi itu dengan menyerakkannya seperti pasir sebagai pelapis jalan licin.

Ketahuilah, wahai Putri Tangguk...! Di antara padi-padi yang pernah kamu serakkan itu ada setangkai padi hitam. Dia adalah ratu kami. Jika hanya kami yang kamu perlakukan seperti itu, tidak akan menjadi masalah. Tetapi, karena ratu kami juga kamu perlakukan seperti itu, maka kami semua marah. Kami tidak akan datang lagi dan tumbuh di sawahmu.

Masa depan kamu dan keluargamu akan sengsara. Rezekimu hanya akan seperti rezeki ayam. Hasil kerja sehari, cukup untuk dimakan sehari. Kamu dan keluargamu tidak akan bisa makan jika tidak bekerja dulu. Hidupmu benar-benar akan seperti ayam, mengais dulu baru makan....” ujar lelaki tua itu dalam mimpi Putri Tangguk.

Putri Tangguk belum sempat berkata apa-apa, orang tua itu sudah menghilang. Ia terbangun dari tidurnya saat hari mulai siang. Ia sangat sedih merenungi semua ucapan orang tua yang datang dalam mimpinya semalam. Ia akan menjalani hidup bersama keluarganya dengan kesengsaraan. Ia sangat menyesali semua perbuatannya yang sombong dan takabur dengan menyerakkan padi untuk pelapis jalan licin. Namun, apalah arti sebuah penyesalan. Menyesal kemudian tiadalah guna.

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