100. Lona Kaka dan Lona Rara - Nusa Tenggara Timur

Once, in the village of Bukambero, Kodi, West Sumba, there lived a husband and wife with two daughters. The eldest named Lona Kaka, while the youngest was named Lona Rara. These two sisters are always received the same treatment from their parents. However, Lona Kaka always envious when Lona Rara achieve a success. She was always trying to harm her sister when obtaining success. 

One day, when Lona Rara gets jerky special gift from their parents for winning the race pounding rice, Lona Kaka jerky intends to seize it from her hand. To that end, she persuaded her sister to want to accompany her to fetch water at the river. She also ask her sister to walk in front of her. That way, it will be easier to take jerky without the knowledge of her sister jerky.

"My sister! Would you like to accompany me to fetch water at the river? "Persuaded Lona Kaka.

"Well, Sis!" Said Lona Rara persuasion followed her sister. Both walked towards the river while carrying two water containers made of bamboo. Lona Rara walk in front, while Lona sister followed behind.

Without the slightest suspicion, Lona Rara's jerked meat store in the back of the water container. Several times Lona Kaka tried to take it, but it did not work because it is always caught Lona Rara. Even so, Lona Kaka is not desperate. Arriving at the river, she soon fell into the river preceded her sister to fetch water. After filling water container until it is full, she went back up to the land and water containers resting on a tree trunk.

"My sister, I done. Now it's your turn to fill your water container. Here's I helped bring your jerked meat so that you can take water freely! "Lona said Kaka. Lona Rara also welcomed the offer sister. Having left her jerky to Lona Kaka, she was immediately down to the river to fetch water. However, only half fill the container of water, suddenly she heard her sister screaming.

"Rara ...! Rara ..! your jerked meat dog was stolen and taken away, "cried Lona Kaka while chasing dog. Apparently, Lona Kaka intentionally give jerky her sister ​​belonging to dog, then pretend chase. Lona Rara who heard her sister's cries immediately went ashore and leave the place the water lying on the riverbank. Seeing a dog chasing her sister, she also joined the pursuit until the middle of the forest. Without realizing it, it turns out her sister had gone away.

As she continued through the dense forest until the day before the evening, but she did not find the dog that brings her jerked meat. When going back to her home, she lost. She walked through the forest where it follows the direction of her feet move and eventually found a stream and decided to rest. She sat on a big rock by the river while singing sister expressed her exasperation against the action.

Ou kagu pama nowo doubtPai balimu lolokingga negheMu gaiga zauwa kako kaniaOu Gela wuamaroto padua pogawa atenggu My Gaika bali wainya

Ou the beloved sister. Why did you make me like this. Let me walk aloneOu Gela Wuamaroto grant me peace. Lead me back home.

After singing, Lona Rara open soiled clothes and wash and bathe. As she was busy bathing, suddenly she saw a dense orange trees that grew on the banks of the river. Having looked around and saw no one else around, she quickly plucked the fruit juice to be used as body deodorant. How shocked she was when splitting a citrus fruit that suddenly appeared a handsome and dashing in front of her. She screamed as she was still in a state with no clothes. She was very embarrassed, because she had seen the body parts that had been covered.

Realizing this, the miracle, the handsome young man immediately gave a beautiful woven fabric Sumba to Lona Rara. Lona Rara immediately used woven cloth to cover her body.

"Hi, handsome! Why did you suddenly appear out of the citrus fruits that? "Said Lona Rara shyly.

"Excuse me, Princess! Is not Princess alone who seek help to me? "Replied the young man, looking down to salute in front of Lona Rara.

"Who exactly are you?" Lona Rara asked.

"I was like a daughter Gela Wuamaroto sing a song. My daughter came to take home and give peace to the Princess, "said the young man who called Gela Wuamaroto.

Lona Rara be happy mixed wonder, because did not think her singing has become a reality. Today was already getting dark. Gela Wuamaroto took Lona Rara find a place to rest. After finding a cave large enough, Gela Wuamaroto soon made a fire and catch a pheasant for dinner. After eating, they immediately fell asleep. The next day, Lona Rara very surprised, because close by are available grilled chicken.

"Hey, why are there still roast chicken here? Is not grilled chicken last night is over? "Muttered Lona Rara.

Seeing Lona woke Rara, Gela Wuamaroto who was standing in front of the cave entrance to her immediately.

"Sorry lady! I'm providing a roast chicken for breakfast that both of us, "said Gela Wuamaroto smiling.

Lona Rara and Gela Wuamaroto soon was eating roast chicken. After that, they met each other, fell in love, and eventually they were married. Because engrossed in love, Lona Rara be sure to get back to her home. Similarly, Gela Wuamaroto, she forgot to take home Lona Rara. A pair of newlyweds is fun enjoying the beautiful day together in the middle of the forest, so there was already a month they lived together.One day, Lona Rara suddenly thought of her family. There is a longing in her heart to get home and see them.

"Dear! When you will me escort the family to see my family? "Said Lona Rara.

"Tomorrow, my lovely," said Gela Wuamaroto.

The next day, early in the morning, Rara Lona and her husband getting ready to go home. Before leaving, Gela Wuamaroto provide Sumba woven clothes are very beautiful to Lona Rara to be presented to her family. After traveling for half a day, they arrived in the village of Bukambaro. When Lona Rara enters the village, all the people was astonished at her arrival. Moreover, it comes along with a dashing and handsome young man. While smiling, Lona Rara walking beside him to her home. When she arrived in the yard, she saw her house was deserted and the door closed.

"Mom ... Dad ...! I'am coming home! "Cried Lona Rara with feelings of joy.

Lona Rara repeatedly shouted, but there was no answer. A few moments later, then opened the door slowly. When the door opens, it appears her sister, Lona Kaka, was opening the door and stood in the doorway, blushing. She seemed to not believe that her sister is still alive. She was immediately embraced Lona Rara.

"I'm sorry, little sister! Sister had been left alone in the woods, "said Lona Kaka.

"Come on, sister! Importantly sister survived and could be back together with you, "pleaded Lona Rara.

"Ouw yeah, sister! Where's Dad and Mom? Why do not they look? "Said Lona Rara wonder.

Hearing the question, Lona Kaka back tightly hugged her sister in tears.

"My sister! Mom and Dad are gone. They have left us forever, "said Lona Kaka sadly.

"What happened to my father and mother, sister?" Insisted Lona Rara.

Lona Kaka told of the calamity that has befallen both their parents.

"A month ago, father and mother got a wretched time in the woods looking for you. A people found them in the woods in a state of severely injured and no longer alive due bitten by a wild animal, "said Lona Kaka.

Heard the statement that, Lona Rara was not able to hold back tears. She wept bitterly lament the passing of my father and mother were very much in love. For a moment, the atmosphere in front of a modest house that was suddenly silent. A few moments later, Lona Rara asked her sister that drove him to the cemetery where both their parents. Arriving at the cemetery two men she loved it, Lona Rara back sobbing regret all the events that have occurred.

"Come on, honey! Everything is set up by the Almighty. Let's go back home! "Persuaded Gela Wuamaroto.

Lona Rara with her husband and sister went back to the house. A few days later, after the sadness is gone, Lona Rara told all the events that happened when her sister lost in the woods. Hearing the story, it came Lona Kaka to go to the place where her sister met with Gela Wuamarota, hoping she would suffer the same fate as her sister.

The next day, secretly, Lona Kaka went alone to the place. Before the shower, she strummed a citrus fruit that is yellow. So she split the orange, instead of a handsome young man appeared, but a white-bearded old man. She immediately screamed in terror and ran left. In her heart tucked so deep remorse for not picking a good citrus fruit.

At home, Lona Kaka sat pensively beside her house. In pensive, suddenly appeared in her mind to seize Lona Rara's husband. She was just waiting for the best time to run that rotten intentions.

One night, Gela Wuamaroto asked permission to Lona Rara to go to trade with some other villagers across the country.

"Honey! I wants to trade overseas. Perhaps I had to go in a long time. Do you willing to allow me? "Persuaded Gela Wuamaroto.

"Well, honey! I permit. But do not forget to stop by my uncle's house to give him a gift when it comes back,"said Lona Rara smile.

"Well, honey!" Said Gela Wuamaroto staring lovingly at her wife.

The next day, leave Gela Wuamaroto all across the country with some other villagers. A week after the departure of Gela Wuamaroto, Lona Kaka started to formulate strategies to eliminate Lona Rara lives in order to capture her.

One day, she took her sister gather firewood in the forest. After walking quite a distance into the woods, they came to a ravine deep enough.

"My sister! We rested here first. I tired of running away, "said Lona Kaka.

Lona Kaka and her sister take a rest near the pit. Having lost their fatigue, Lona Kaka climbing a tree that branches have dried on the edge of a steep cliff. While in the tree, she asked her sister to bring a machete that had been left near her sister.

"Oh, sister! I forgot to bring a machete. Please get me a machete that is near you! "Said Lana Kaka out of the tree.

Without the slightest suspicion, Lona Rara come to climb a tree to give it to her sister. Arriving at the top of the tree, she handed machete to her sister in her left hand, while her right hand held on a dry twig. So take a machete from her sister's left hand, at the same time, Kaka is also stepping on twigs Lona Rara holding place until broken. Needless to say, Lona Rara had fallen out of a tree and rolled to the bottom of the gorge.

Seeing the incident, instead of helping her sister Lona Kaka, but smirked.

"Taste it, Rara! Gela Wuamaroto will be mine! "Lona said Kaka.

With a sense of satisfaction and joy, Lona Kaka down from the tree and then go home. Arriving in the village, she pretended sad lament the fate of her sister. All people had heard condole the sad news. However, Lona Kaka did not think if it turns out her sister is still alive. Apparently, when Lona Rara fell off a cliff, her body caught on a plant that runs on a cliff. Cause her efforts to climb the steep cliff, she made it to the top of the cliff and survived.

Arriving at the top, Lona Rara was screaming for her sister.

"Sister! Where are you? "She shouted.

Several times Rara Lona cried, but no answer from her sister. She also realized that her sister had turned out for harm to her. Finally, she decided to go directly to her uncle's house. After a two-day journey, she arrived at her uncle's house. She was telling all the events that happened and the evil plans of the sister to her uncle.

A few days later, Gela Wuamaroto returned from shoreline to bring a gift to her uncle. How shocked she was when she saw her wife was in place.

"Hi, my wife! Why you here? "Said Gela Wuamaroto with wonder.

Seeing him coming, Lona Rara immediately hugged her tightly. Then she told all the events she has experienced that she could be in her uncle's house. Hear the story of her wife, Gela Wuamaroto also tells that during these Lona Kaka is always flirting with him.

"Know, my wife! If the word faith is weak, I would have fallen sister on hug her. During this time she often seduce you was not home. That is, I decided to go home to help avoid her sweet seduction, "said Gela Wuamaroto.

Heard of him, Lona Rara was furious. She was very angry with the attitude and actions of her sister.

"Huh, I must repay sister Lona Kaka!" Said Lona Rara with fury.

Gela Wuamaroto calm. She tried to understand her feelings. After that, he tried to persuade him to avenge the attack.

"Sorry, my wife! I could not say anything. Lona Kaka is your sister only. Deeds are evil, but do we also have to mimic the evil deeds that? "Persuaded Gela Wuamaroto.

"No, my husband! Since the first my sister was always jealous and envious of me. She has repeatedly tried to harm me. If this is allowed to continue, at some point she will kill me, "said Lona Rara.

Hearing firmness determination wife, Gela Wuamaroto was unable to do anything about it. Finally, in the evening, Rara Lona and her husband immediately formulate strategies to avenge the Lona Kaka. They ordered two coffins were carved very wonderful. A coffins which one will they fill with gold and diamonds, while the other crate Lona Rara will go into it with a small knife and a sharp pointy.

The next day, Gela Wuamaroto journeyed to the village to meet Lona Kaka. He set out on horseback and brought along a pack horse carrying two crates filled with jewelry and contains the Lona Rara. Arriving at the hometown of her wife, Gela Wuamaroto immediately headed to her house. Lona Kaka who is engrossed in weaving immediately rose to greet Gela Wuamaroto.

"I'm sorry, Gela Wuamaroto! I can not keep my sister Lona Rara, "said Lona sister while pretending to cry.

"What happened to her, sister in-law?" Gela Wuamaroto pretended to ask.

"Rara Lona died, because we were eaten by a crocodile while bathing in the river," said Lona Kaka with a sad face.

Heard the statement that, Gela Wuamaroto feign surprise and looked glum. He then dismounted and tethered her horse both on the trunk in front of the house. When he lowered her casket from his horse, Lona Kaka him.

"What's in that box, Gela?" Said Lona Kaka wants to know.

With a gloomy face, Gela Wuamaroto Lona told Kaka to open one of the two trunk. When Lona Kaka opened the box, her eyes so big browse box that consists of a wide range of gold and diamond jewelery. After Lona Kaka browse the chest, Gela Wuamaroto told her to open the other chest.

"My older sister in law! Open the box and take all the contents of that one! I awarded you, "said Gela Wuamaroto.

With a sense of excitement and joy, Lona Kaka was immediately opened the box is still sealed. Once the casket was open, Lona Rara suddenly jumped out and thrust her knife repeatedly into her sister's chest.

"Accept this revenge, Sister!" Cried Lona Rara.

Needless to say, Lona Kaka was killed instantly by the blood. Seeing her sister lying on the ground in a state of lifeless, Lona Rara was screaming hysterically. She was very sorry for what he had just done. However, what's to regret it later. Rice has become porridge. Her sister's life can not be helped anymore.


Similarly, Kaka and Lona Lona story of Rara East Nusantara region. The above story is a fairy tale category containing moral messages that can be used as guidance in everyday life. There are at least two moral to be learned, namely: the harmful effects of nature like jealousy and vengeful. The nature of jealousy shown by the attitude and behavior of Lona Kaka, while the vengeful nature of the behavior seen in Rara Lona. In the life of the Malays, both properties should be avoided because it can result in discord, disunity, between people and even killing you. It said in a pointed teach Malay :

if you like jealous envy,friends away, you ranif you do not want Greetings,Life is always in hostility

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Alkisah, di Desa Bukambero, Kodi, Sumba Barat, hiduplah sepasang suami-istri bersama dua orang anak gadisnya. Yang sulung bernama Lona Kaka, sedangkan si bungsu bernama Lona Rara. Kedua kakak-beradik tersebut senantiasa mendapat perlakuan yang sama dari orang tua mereka. Namun, Lona Kaka selalu iri hati jika Lona Rara meraih sebuah keberhasilan. Ia pun selalu berusaha untuk mencelakai adiknya itu jika memperoleh keberhasilan.

Pada suatu hari, ketika Lona Rara mendapat hadiah dendeng istimewa dari orang tua mereka karena berhasil memenangkan lomba menumbuk padi, Lona Kaka bermaksud untuk merampas dendeng itu dari tangan adiknya. Untuk itu, ia membujuk adiknya agar mau menemaninya mengambil air di sungai. Ia pun menyuruh adiknya untuk berjalan di depannya. Dengan begitu, ia akan lebih mudah mengambil dendeng itu tanpa sepengetahuan adiknya.

“Adikku! Maukah kamu menemani Kakak mengambil air di sungai?” bujuk Lona Kaka.

“Baiklah, Kak!” jawab Lona Rara menuruti bujukan kakaknya.
Keduanya pun berjalan menuju ke sungai sambil memikul dua buah wadah air yang terbuat dari bambu. Lona Rara berjalan di depan, sedangkan Lona Kakak mengikutinya dari belakang. Tanpa curiga sedikit pun, Lona Rara menyimpan dendengnya di wadah airnya yang belakang. Beberapa kali Lona Kaka berusaha untuk mengambil dendeng itu, namun tidak berhasil karena selalu ketahuan Lona Rara. Meski begitu, Lona Kaka tidak kehabisan akal. Setibanya di sungai, ia segera turun ke sungai mendahului adiknya untuk mengambil air. Setelah mengisi wadah airnya hingga penuh, ia kembali naik ke darat dan menyandarkan wadah airnya pada sebuah batang pohon.

“Adikku, Kakak sudah selesai. Kini giliranmu untuk mengisi wadah airmu. Sini Kakak bantu membawakan dendengmu agar kamu dapat mengambil air dengan leluasa!” ujar Lona Kaka.
Lona Rara pun menyambut baik tawaran kakaknya. Setelah menitipkan dendeng miliknya kepada Lona Kaka, ia segera turun ke sungai untuk mengambil air. Namun, baru mengisi setengah wadah airnya, tiba-tiba ia mendengar kakaknya berteriak.

“Rara...! Rara..! Dendengmu dicuri dan dibawa lari anjing!” teriak Lona Kaka seraya mengejar anjing itu.
Rupanya, Lona Kaka sengaja memberikan dendeng milik adiknya ke anjing itu, lalu berpura-pura mengejarnya. Lona Rara yang mendengar teriakan kakaknya segera naik ke darat dan membiarkan tempat airnya tergeletak di pinggir sungai. Melihat kakaknya mengejar anjing itu, ia pun turut mengejar hingga ke tengah hutan. Tanpa disadarinya, ternyata kakaknya telah pergi meninggalkannya. Sementara ia terus menyusuri hutan lebat itu hingga hari menjelang malam, namun ia tidak menemukan anjing yang membawa dendengnya. Saat akan kembali ke rumahnya, ia tersesat. Ia berjalan menyusuri hutan itu mengikuti ke mana arah kakinya melangkah hingga akhirnya menemukan sebuah sungai dan memutuskan untuk beristirahat. Ia duduk di atas sebuah batu besar di tepi sungai sambil bernyanyi mengungkapkan kekesalannya terhadap tindakan kakaknya. 

Ou kagu pama nowo ragu
Pai balimu lolokingga neghe
Mu gaiga zauwa kako kania
Ou Gela wuamaroto padua pogawa atenggu
Gaika ku bali wainya

Ou kakakku yang kucinta
Mengapa kau membuat aku begini
Membiarkan aku jalan sendiri
Ou Gela Wuamaroto berilah aku kedamaian
Tuntunlah aku kembali ke rumah

Usai bernyanyi, Lona Rara membuka pakaiannya yang sudah kotor lalu mencucinya dan mandi. Saat sedang asyik mandi, tiba-tiba ia melihat sebatang pohon jeruk yang berbuah lebat tumbuh di tepi sungai. Setelah melihat di sekelilingnya dan tidak melihat adanya orang lain di sekitar itu, ia segera memetik satu buah jeruk untuk dijadikan pewangi tubuh. Betapa terkejutnya ia ketika membelah buah jeruk itu, tiba-tiba muncul seorang pemuda tampan dan gagah di hadapannya. Ia pun langsung menjerit karena ia masih dalam keadaan tanpa busana. Ia sangat malu, karena pemuda itu telah melihat bagian tubuhnya yang selama ini ditutupinya. 

Menyadari hal itu, dengan kesaktiannya, pemuda tampan itu segera memberikan sebuah kain tenun Sumba yang indah kepada Lona Rara. Lona Rara pun segera memakai kain tenun itu untuk menutupi tubuhnya.

“Hai, pemuda tampan! Kenapa engkau tiba-tiba muncul dari dalam buah jeruk itu?” tanya Lona Rara dengan malu-malu.

“Maaf, Putri! Bukankah Putri sendiri yang meminta bantuan kepadaku?” jawab pemuda itu sambil menunduk untuk memberi hormat di hadapan Lona Rara.

“Siapa sebenarnya engkau ini?” Lona Rara kembali bertanya.

“Saya adalah Gela Wuamaroto seperti yang Putri dendangkan dalam lagu itu. Saya datang untuk mengantar Putri pulang ke rumah dan memberikan ketenteraman kepada Putri,” ujar pemuda tampan yang mengaku bernama Gela Wuamaroto.

Hati Lona Rara menjadi senang bercampur heran, karena tidak menyangka nyanyiannya telah menjadi kenyataan. Hari pun sudah mulai gelap. Gela Wuamaroto mengajak Lona Rara mencari tempat beristirahat. Setelah menemukan sebuah gua yang cukup luas, Gela Wuamaroto segera membuat api unggun dan menangkap seekor ayam hutan untuk makan malam. Usai makan, mereka pun langsung tertidur pulas. Keesokan harinya, Lona Rara sangat terkejut, karena didekatnya telah tersedia ayam panggang.

“Hai, kenapa masih ada ayam panggang di sini? Bukankah ayam panggang yang tadi malam sudah habis?” gumam Lona Rara.

Melihat Lona Rara terbangun, Gela Wuamaroto yang sedang berdiri di depan pintu gua segera menghampirinya.

“Maaf Putri! Saya yang menyediakan ayam panggang itu untuk sarapan kita berdua,” ujar Gela Wuamaroto sambil tersenyum.

Lona Rara dan Gela Wuamaroto pun segera menyantap ayam panggang itu. Setelah itu, mereka saling berkenalan, saling jatuh cinta, dan akhirnya mereka pun menikah. Karena asyik dimabuk cinta, Lona Rara menjadi lupa untuk kembali ke rumahnya. Demikian pula, Gela Wuamaroto, ia lupa untuk mengantar pulang Lona Rara. Sepasang pengantin baru itu keasyikan menikmati hari-hari yang indah bersama di tengah hutan tersebut, sehingga tak terasa sudah satu bulan mereka hidup bersama.
Suatu hari, Lona Rara tiba-tiba teringat kepada keluarganya. Ada kerinduan di hatinya ingin segera pulang dan bertemu dengan mereka.

“Kanda! Kapan Kanda akan mengantar Dinda menemui keluarga Dinda?” tanya Lona Rara.

“Besok, Dinda,” jawab Gela Wuamaroto.

Keesokan harinya, pagi-pagi sekali, Lona Rara dan suaminya bersiap-siap pulang ke rumahnya. Sebelum berangkat, Gela Wuamaroto memberikan pakaian tenun Sumba yang sangat indah kepada Lona Rara untuk dihadiahkan kepada keluarganya. Setelah menempuh perjalanan selama setengah hari, sampailah mereka di Desa Bukambaro. Saat Lona Rara memasuki desa, seluruh warga terheran-heran melihat kedatangannya. Apalagi ia datang bersama dengan seorang pemuda yang gagah dan tampan. Sambil tersenyum-senyum, Lona Rara berjalan di samping suaminya menuju ke rumahnya. Saat tiba di halaman rumah, ia melihat rumahnya tampak sepi dan pintu rumahnya tertutup rapat.

“Ayah...Ibu...! Rara pulang!” teriak Lona Rara dengan perasaan gembira.

Berkali-kali Lona Rara berteriak, namun tak ada jawaban. Beberapa saat kemudian, barulah pintu rumahnya terbuka pelan-pelan. Saat pintu terbuka, tampaklah kakaknya, Lona Kaka, sedang membuka pintu dan berdiri di depan pintu dengan wajah memerah. Ia seakan tidak percaya bahwa adiknya masih hidup. Ia pun langsung memeluk Lona Rara.

“Maafkan aku, Adikku! Kakak telah meninggalkanmu seorang diri di tengah hutan,” ucap Lona Kaka.

“Sudahlah, Kak! Yang penting Adik selamat dan bisa kembali berkumpul bersama kalian,” bujuk Lona Rara.

“O iya, Kak! Ayah, Ibu ke mana? Kenapa mereka tidak kelihatan?” tanya Lona Rara heran.

Mendengar pertanyaan itu, Lona Kaka kembali memeluk adiknya dengan erat sambil meneteskan air mata.

“Adikku! Ayah dan Ibu sudah tiada. Mereka telah meninggalkan kita untuk selama-lamanya,” jawab Lona Kaka dengan sedih.

“Apa yang terjadi dengan Ayah dan Ibu, Kak?” desak Lona Rara.

Lona Kaka pun menceritakan musibah yang telah menimpa kedua orang tua mereka.

“Sebulan yang lalu, Ayah dan Ibu mendapat celaka saat mencari Adik di tengah hutan. Seorang warga menemukan mereka di tengah hutan dalam keadaan terluka parah dan tidak bernyawa lagi akibat digigit binatang buas,” jelas Lona Kaka.

Mendengar keterangan itu, Lona Rara pun tidak sanggup menahan air mata. Ia menangis tersedu-sedu meratapi kepergian Ayah dan Ibu yang sangat dicintainya. Sejenak, suasana di depan rumah yang sederhana itu pun tiba-tiba menjadi hening. Beberapa saat kemudian, Lona Rara meminta kepada kakaknya agar mengantarnya ke tempat pemakaman kedua orang tua mereka. Sesampainya di depan kuburan kedua orang yang dicintainya itu, Lona Rara kembali menangis tersedu-sedu menyesali semua peristiwa yang telah terjadi.

“Sudahlah, Dinda! Semuanya sudah diatur oleh Yang Mahakuasa. Ayo kita kembali ke rumah!” bujuk Gela Wuamaroto.

Lona Rara bersama suami dan kakaknya pun kembali ke rumah. Beberapa hari kemudian, setelah kesedihannya hilang, Lona Rara menceritakan semua peristiwa yang dialaminya ketika tersesat di hutan kepada kakaknya. Mendengar cerita itu, timbullah keinginan Lona Kaka untuk pergi ke tempat di mana adiknya bertemu dengan Gela Wuamarota, dengan harapan dirinya pun akan bernasib sama seperti adiknya.

Keesokan harinya, secara diam-diam, Lona Kaka pergi sendirian ke tempat itu. Sebelum mandi, ia memetik satu buah jeruk yang sudah menguning. Begitu ia membelah jeruk itu, bukannya pemuda tampan yang muncul, melainkan seorang lelaki tua berjenggot putih. Ia pun langsung menjerit ketakutan dan berlari meninggalkan tempat itu. Dalam hatinya tersimpan rasa penyesalan yang begitu mendalam karena tidak memetik buah jeruk yang masih muda.

Sesampainya di rumah, Lona Kaka langsung duduk termenung di samping rumahnya. Dalam ketermenungannya, tiba-tiba muncul dalam pikirannya ingin merebut suami adiknya. Ia tinggal menunggu waktu yang paling tepat untuk menjalankan niat busuknya itu.

Pada suatu malam, Gela Wuamaroto meminta izin kepada Lona Rara untuk pergi berdagang bersama beberapa warga desa lainnya ke negeri seberang.

“Dinda! Kanda ingin berdagang ke negeri seberang. Barangkali Kanda harus pergi dalam waktu yang cukup lama. Apakah Dinda bersedia mengizinkan Kanda?” bujuk Gela Wuamaroto.

“Baiklah, Kanda! Dinda mengizinkan. Tapi jangan lupa mampir ke rumah paman untuk memberinya oleh-oleh ketika kembali nanti,” ujar Lona Rara tersenyum.

“Baiklah, Dinda!” jawab Gela Wuamaroto sambil menatap wajah istrinya dengan penuh cinta.

Keesokan harinya, berangkatlah Gela Wuamaroto ke negeri seberang bersama beberapa warga desa lainnya. Seminggu setelah kepergian Gela Wuamaroto, Lona Kaka pun mulai menyusun siasat untuk menghilangkan nyawa Lona Rara agar dapat merebut suaminya.

Pada suatu hari, ia mengajak adiknya itu mencari kayu bakar di hutan. Setelah berjalan cukup jauh ke tengah hutan, sampailah mereka pada sebuah jurang yang cukup dalam.

“Adikku! Kita beristirahat di sini dulu. Kakak capek berjalan jauh,” ujar Lona Kaka.

Lona Kaka dan adiknya pun beristirahat tidak di dekat jurang itu. Setelah rasa lelah mereka hilang, Lona Kaka memanjat sebuah pohon yang rantingnya telah kering di tepi jurang yang terjal. Saat berada di atas pohon, ia meminta kepada adiknya untuk membawakannya parang yang sengaja ditinggalkan di dekat adiknya.

“Aduh, Adikku! Kakak lupa membawa parang. Tolong ambilkan parang yang ada di dekatmu itu!” seru Lana Kaka dari atas pohon.

Tanpa curiga sedikit pun, Lona Rara ikut memanjat pohon untuk memberikan parang itu kepada kakaknya. Sesampainya di atas pohon, ia menyerahkan parang itu kepada kakaknya dengan tangan kirinya, sementara tangan kanannya berpegangan pada sebuah ranting yang kering. Begitu mengambil parang itu dari tangan kiri adiknya, pada saat yang bersamaan, Lona Kaka juga menginjak ranting tempat Lona Rara berpegangan hingga patah. Tak ayal lagi, Lona Rara pun terjatuh dari atas pohon dan terguling-guling hingga ke dasar jurang.

Melihat kejadian itu, Lona Kaka bukannya menolong adiknya, melainkan tersenyum sinis.

“Rasakanlah itu, Rara! Gela Wuamaroto akan menjadi milikku!” seru Lona Kaka.

Dengan perasaan puas dan gembira, Lona Kaka turun dari pohon itu dan kemudian pulang ke rumahnya. Sesampainya di desa, ia berpura-pura sedih meratapi nasib adiknya. Seluruh warga pun turut berduka cita mendengar berita duka tersebut. Namun, Lona Kaka tidak mengira jika ternyata adiknya masih hidup. Rupanya, ketika Lona Rara terjatuh ke jurang itu, tubuhnya tersangkut pada tanaman yang menjalar di tebing. Berkat usahanya memanjat tebing yang curam itu, ia berhasil sampai ke puncak tebing dan selamat.

Sesampainya di atas, Lona Rara pun berteriak-teriak memanggil kakaknya.

“Kakak! Kamu di mana?” teriaknya.

Beberapa kali Lona Rara berteriak, namun tidak mendapat jawaban dari kakaknya. Ia pun menyadari bahwa ternyata kakaknya telah berniat jahat kepadanya. Akhirnya, ia pun memutuskan untuk langsung ke rumah pamannya. Setelah dua hari menempuh perjalanan, sampailah ia di rumah pamannya. Ia pun menceritakan semua peristiwa yang dialaminya dan rencana jahat sang Kakak kepada pamannya.

Beberapa hari kemudian, Gela Wuamaroto pun kembali dari rantauannya untuk membawakan oleh-oleh kepada pamannya.
Betapa terkejutnya ia ketika melihat istrinya berada di tempat itu.

“Hai, Dinda! Kenapa Dinda ada di sini?” tanya Gela Wuamaroto dengan heran.

Melihat suaminya datang, Lona Rara pun langsung memeluknya dengan erat. Kemudian ia menceritakan semua peristiwa yang telah dialaminya hingga ia bisa berada di rumah pamannya. Mendengar cerita istrinya, Gela Wuamaroto pun bercerita bahwa selama ini Lona Kaka selalu merayunya.

“Ketahuilah, Dinda! Andai kata iman Kanda lemah, tentu Kanda telah jatuh dipelukan kakak Dinda. Selama ini dia sering merayu Kanda saat Dinda tidak berada di rumah. Itulah sebabnya, Kanda memutuskan untuk pergi merantau agar Kanda terhindar dari rayuan manisnya,” ungkap Gela Wuamaroto.

Mendengar pengakuan suaminya, Lona Rara pun naik pitam. Ia sangat marah terhadap sikap dan perbuatan kakaknya.

“Huh, Dinda harus membalas perbuatan Kak Lona Kaka!” seru Lona Rara dengan geramnya.

Gela Wuamaroto pun sejenak. Ia mencoba untuk memahami perasaan istrinya. Setelah itu, ia mencoba untuk membujuknya agar mengurungkan niatnya membalas dendam.

“Maaf, Dinda! Kanda tidak bisa berkata apa-apa. Lona Kaka adalah kakak Dinda satu-satunya. Perbuatannya memang jahat, tapi apakah kita juga harus meniru perbuatan jahatnya itu?” bujuk Gela Wuamaroto.

“Tidak, Kanda! Sejak dulu Kak Lona Kaka selalu iri dan dengki terhadap Dinda. Dia sudah berkali-kali berusaha ingin mencelakai Dinda. Jika hal ini dibiarkan terus, suatu saat dia akan membunuh Dinda,” ujar Lona Rara.

Mendengar keteguhan tekad istrinya, Gela Wuamaroto pun tak sanggup berbuat apa-apa. Akhirnya, pada malam harinya, Lona Rara dan suaminya segera menyusun siasat untuk membalaskan dendamnya kepada Lona Kaka. Mereka memesan dua buah peti yang berukir sangat indah. Peti yang satu akan mereka isi dengan perhiasan emas dan berlian, sedangkan untuk peti yang satunya Lona Rara akan masuk ke dalamnya sambil membawa sebuah pisau yang runcing dan tajam.

Keesokan harinya, berangkatlah Gela Wuamaroto ke kampung untuk menemui Lona Kaka. Ia berangkat dengan menunggang kuda dan membawa serta seekor kuda beban yang mengangkut kedua peti yang berisi perhiasan dan berisi Lona Rara tersebut. Sesampainya di kampung halaman istrinya, Gela Wuamaroto segera menuju ke rumah istrinya. Lona Kaka yang sedang asyik menenun segera bangkit untuk menyambut kedatangan Gela Wuamaroto.

“Maafkan aku, Gela Wuamaroto! Aku tidak dapat menjaga Adik Lona Rara,” kata Lona Kakak sambil berpura-pura menangis.

“Apa yang terjadi dengannya, Kakak Ipar?” Gela Wuamaroto pun berpura-pura bertanya.

“Lona Rara meninggal dunia, karena dimakan buaya saat kami sedang mandi di sungai,” jawab Lona Kaka dengan muka sedih.

Mendengar keterangan itu, Gela Wuamaroto berpura-pura terkejut dan terlihat murung. Ia kemudian turun dari kudanya dan menambatkan kedua kudanya pada batang pohon di depan rumah. Ketika ia menurunkan kedua peti itu dari kudanya, Lona Kaka menghampirinya.

“Apa isi peti itu, Gela?” tanya Lona Kaka ingin tahu.

Dengan wajah murung, Gela Wuamaroto menyuruh Lona Kaka untuk membuka salah satu dari kedua peti itu. Ketika Lona Kaka membuka peti itu, matanya langsung terbelalat melihat isi peti yang terdiri dari berbagai macam perhiasan emas dan berlian. Setelah Lona Kaka melihat isi peti itu, Gela Wuamaroto menyuruhnya untuk membuka peti yang satunya.

“Kakak Ipar! Buka dan ambillah semua isi peti yang satu itu! Aku hadiahkan untukmu,” ujar Gela Wuamaroto.

Dengan perasaan senang dan gembira, Lona Kaka pun segera membuka peti yang masih tertutup rapat itu. Begitu peti itu terbuka, tiba-tiba Lona Rara meloncat keluar dan menikamkan pisaunya berkali-kali ke arah dada kakaknya.

“Terimalah pembalasanku ini, Kak!” teriak Lona Rara.

Tak ayal lagi, Lona Kaka pun tewas seketika dengan bersimbah darah. Melihat kakaknya terkapar di tanah dalam keadaan tidak bernyawa, Lona Rara pun berteriak histeris. Ia sangat menyesal atas apa yang baru saja dilakukannya. Namun,  apalah guna menyesal kemudian. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Nyawa kakaknya tidak dapat ditolong lagi.

* * *

Demikian cerita Lona Kaka dan Lona Rara dari daerah Nusantara Tenggara Timur. Cerita di atas termasuk kategori dongeng yang mengandung pesan-pesan moral yang dapat dijadikan pedoman dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Sedikitnya ada dua pesan moral yang dapat dipetik, yaitu: akibat buruk dari sifat suka iri hati dan pendendam. Sifat iri hati ditunjukkan oleh sikap dan perilaku Lona Kaka, sedangkan sifat pendendam terlihat pada perilaku Lona Rara. Dalam kehidupan orang Melayu, kedua sifat tersebut harus dijauhi karena dapat mengakibatkan terjadinya perselisihan, perpecahan, dan bahkan pembunuhan antarsesama saudara. Dikatakan dalam tunjuk ajar Melayu:

kalau suka iri mengiri,
sahabat menjauh, saudara pun lari
kalau tak mau bermaaf-maafan,
hidup selalu dalam permusuhan

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